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GRADES Kindergarten through 5th

Chalkboard Drawings


For MCA grades Kindergarten through 2nd, MCA offers Abeka curriculum in all subject areas.  Abeka is one of the country’s leading reading, writing and mathematics programs, and emphasizes the Christian aspect in education. Through the Abeka program, all classroom materials are connected across disciplines and allow students to engage true, biblical and fundamental learning.   


In grades 3rd-5th, MCA offers a curriculum that correlates and exceeds the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Experienced elementary teachers provide instruction at a rigorous level, far surpassing the standard expectations of public school.  With further emphasis on Abeka, Houghton Mifflin and Pearson curriculum assistance to guide lessons, MCA students are able to learn at an accelerated pace compared to their peers in local public schools.  During students' 5th grade year, 6th grade TEKS are introduced mid-term to prepare students for advanced placement tracks in middle school.  


All students are taught daily Bible lessons, Christian music song service and opportunities to worship.  Bi-weekly Chapel lessons also emphasize daily lessons with the love of Jesus Christ and understanding of the Bible. 


Enrichment programs, also known as “Specials”, exist to expose and educate students in computer technology use and awareness, Spanish, Art, Physical Education, Music and American Sign Language.  Service projects are also integrated throughout the school year where students have the opportunity to engage their local and abroad communities in demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ.

MCA encourages Jesus’s designed individual creativity, personal responsibility and physical activity.  Students are driven to have fun and participate in quarterly field trips and respected activities.  

To prepare students for state educational accountability standards, MCA does implement MAP Testing three times a year in grades 3-5.  Unlike STAAR testing which only tests students one time a year, MAP Testing allows students to test and then relearn concepts of struggle or enhancement.  Teachers are able to utilize data to reteach difficult lessons, further enhance lesson plans, and communicate effectively with parents and students throughout the school year.  

Upon graduating, our students stand out among other students both academically and as leaders in their respective community.  MCA strives to provide a solid academic foundation while nurturing and challenging students to develop their Christian faith.  It is through their faith and foundation that MCA believes our students will make the difference they are called to do.

Music and Art


At McCasland Christian Academy children are introduced to the love of music and Worship.  Through weekly classes in Music as well as Song Service. Students are exposed to weekly ASL lessons. Art is also conducted weekly and the children display their creations throughout the year for everyone to enjoy. 

Spanish and Advanced Math


Spanish and Advanced Math are offered as additional classes so that when they leave McCasland Christian Academy they are well equipped to tackle the future academic requests put upon them.

Math Formulas
Red Chairs
CHRISTmas Program
Every year at Christmas the children work so hard to prepare for the annual CHRISTmas program.  They are diligent in the preparations and is a joy to witness their love of the sharing about the birth of Jesus.
Green Waste Recycling
Service Projects


McCasland Christian Academy focuses heavily on giving back to the community.  Our program schedules monthly services projects that the children participate in and get to feel the "mission" of sharing the love of Jesus.  These are done with the help of teachers and parents as well as many great organizations that allow for our children to share what God has given them and spread joy to others. 

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