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With seven loaves and a few small fish, Jesus fed the 5,000 with food to spare.  Together we make a difference.


McCasland Christian Academy is looking for sponsors that will “Build Generations for Jesus Christ”


Here are our sponsorship opportunities:



$500 sponsors a STAR for our wall of SUPPORT

  • MCA will honor you with a Star in the name of your choice on our Shining Star wall



$1,500 sponsors a special activity

  • MCA is looking for 10 special one-time donors to help launch our Gardening, Animals, Art, Music, Technology, Bible and Sports activities



$5,000 sponsors one of our classrooms, special’s rooms, or playgrounds

  • MCA is looking for 19 special one-time donors that would help sponsor one of our classrooms, teachers lounge, music room, computer lab, chapel, and playground

  • A Silver Star in the name of your choice will be placed on our Shining Star wall



$10,000 sponsors our Library or Agricultural Barn

  • MCA is looking for 2 special donors that would sponsor our Library and Agricultural Barn

  • A Recognition Gold Star with the name of your choice will be placed at entrance




  • MCA is looking for ONE special donor to help sponsor the groundbreaking of the MCA Pavilion which will be named in your honor


Silver, Gold and North Star sponsorships are payable in a one-time payment or 3 payments before the beginning of the 2022-2023 Academic School Year. 

Silver and Gold Star Donors will have naming rights for three years with first right of refusal for renewal.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Jeff Roberton for more information or questions.  His phone is 512-868-9903 or email at

McCasland Christian Academy is a CHRIST-centered elementary program committed to Growing Kids God’s Way

McCasland Christian Academy, EIN 85-0945959, is a Texas nonprofit with IRS Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. 

No goods or services are provided in return for any donations.  

Any individual or business contribution is a charitable donation and may be deducted for tax purposes.

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