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Color Pencils

McCasland Christian Academy is a CHRIST-centered program focused on teaching our students to be lovers of Jesus Christ and academic leaders.  This program provides a firm foundation that will teach them the importance of education, God's word and friendship.  

Our curriculum will exceed the TEKS standards in place here in Georgetown, TX.

Our classroom size is small and designed to be that way so that very close instruction and attention is provided our students.  

Our curriculum of Abeka employs phonics as the most logical, orderly way to introduce reading to children. Abeka teaches that the laws of mathematics are a creation of God and thus absolute. Man's task is to search out and make use of the laws of the universe, both scientific and mathematical. 

Teaching from a practical, traditional approach will develop your students intellectually. They’ll be able to demonstrate appropriate grade-level knowledge aligned with our scope and sequence, achieve or exceed grade-level scores on nationally normed standardized testing, and pursue a college program of study.


Through traditional teaching designed to help instill good character and by meeting program expectations, students will be able to display personal integrity in their everyday lives and discern right from wrong.

Because of daily Bible instruction and use of a Christian curriculum, students will be able to apply biblical truths from God’s Word to their own lives, demonstrate knowledge of the doctrines of the Bible, and choose prayer and memorizing Scripture to grow in their faith.

To learn more about the Abeka Curriculum please visit:

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