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6th Grade

Old Globe

McCasland Christian Academy is excited to announce our addition of 6th Grade for the 2022-2023 School Year.

We understand that traditional Middle School can be intimidating in our current world, especially with the major impacts of social media.  MCA wants to allow our students a year of transition while receiving above standard academics to move into Middle School with the most important thing, a firm foundation in Christ.

The curriculum for 6th grade will differ slightly from our traditional curriculum provided to our students in K-5th.  We specialize in Abeka and Pearson however with our 6th grade curriculum we are charged with challenging students straight from the TEKS set forth by TEA.

In this blend of using Abeka, Pearson, and the State TEKS, MCA will blend the curriculum knowing that some of our students will begin earning High School credits as early as the 7th grade.  Because of this transition period, commonly called Middle School, we utilize our resources with curriculum and from our local educational advocates to assist us in preparing students for all tracks and degree plans set forth by high schools. 


In order to meet these transitional requirements, MCA will provide above adequate materials and emphasize the Pre-Advanced Placement advanced instruction when appropriate.  We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to meet the needs of our students and we are confident in our ability to have your student ready for the next step in their educational career while providing a safe and loving place to learn.

Please contact our Administrative Office to learn more.

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